Troubleshooting Website Builder Problems

While using a website building tool is simple, it is not difficult to have problems with your site. It’s generally easier to fix problems with a web builder than it is with a custom-built website. It is because everything is simple to use and very linear.

If you notice something not working on your website, or if you are having problems with a feature or page that you created, it is worth going back through the steps. This can usually be done by going back through the site builder page-by-page or feature-by-feature. Check that you have entered the correct information. Make sure you don’t miss any steps. Also, make sure you didn’t over-populate any area. Tech support should be contacted if you are having trouble following the steps of the website builder. The best website builders offer tech support for no cost. Tech support is available by phone and email in almost all cases. These experts can guide you through steps to ensure there is no problem on your side.

If you are unable to solve the problem on your own or with help, it is most likely that the hosting provider is the problem. If your website builder included hosting, which is a recommended option, your tech support call should be continued with the professional who will troubleshoot the hosting services. You will need to contact tech support again if you have a separate hosting service from your website builder. Support professionals should be able determine whether the problem is with the hosting or the code of your site. The website builder may be having problems with scripts or code. Tech support will need to coordinate with professionals running the site builder in order to ensure that the code is generated correctly.

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