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Recognize And Defuse Anger In The Workplace

Violence at the workplace in America is a serious threat to employee safety, company success, and employee morale and safety jolasers. According to the U.S. department Labor, homicide is the fourth most common cause of occupational injury. It is the leading cause demise for women at work.

These statistics are incredible. The truth is that these violent incidents can be avoided if leaders and employees are able to recognize violence triggers. Most violent people act out because their anger escalates through their behavior and words. If people can recognize the signs and take preventative measures, they can stop their behavior from getting worse. People believe violence happens when people are angry about certain circumstances. Violent behavior is an ingrained pattern of behaviour that is activated when someone gets angry about certain circumstances. If someone reacts to a situation with anger, it’s usually because at least one trigger is present. They believe that this is unfair, out of their control, and/or that it is against them.

These factors can lead to many different outcomes. A raged employee may experience a dramatic drop in performance. An angry employee may make threats to others, or about the company. In extreme cases, he/she might resort to even more violence. The more a person holds onto the situation, the more likely violence will be. If you recognize these triggers in co-workers or employees, it is important to immediately advise management. It is important to know what to do if anyone is displaying warning signs or may be susceptible to the triggers. Examples include bullying, substance abuse, frequent marital and other non-professional discussions, making unusual threats, or making other unusual comments.