Stakeholder’s Representatives Meeting

June 29, 2010



The meeting opened at 8:30 AM.


The Stakeholder groups were represented by the following members:  

Building Owners, Marshall Field;

Business/Community Banking, Jamie O’Hearn;

Business/Resources, Terry Williams;

Business/Retailers, George Villaras;

City of Lowell/DPD, Theresa Park;

City of Lowell/DPD, Christopher Samaras;

City of Lowell/Police Dept., Captain Thomas Kennedy;

Cultural Organizations, L.Z. Nunn;

Cultural Organization of Lowell, Suzanne Cromwell

Non-Profit Corporations/CTI, Bill Lipchitz;

Residents/Lowell DNA, Ted Lavash;

Visitors/Lowell Festival Foundation; Janet Leggat;




Artists: Steve Syverson;

Business/Chamber of Commerce, Jeanne Osborn;

Business/JAMBRA, Tim Shanahan;

Business/Lowell Plan, Jim Cook;

Business/Restaurants, Franky Descoteaux;

Education/Lowell High School, Roxanne Howe;

Education/Middlesex CC, Molly Sheehy;

Education/UMass Lowell, Dr. Joseph Lipchitz;

General Population/LRTA, Jim Scanlan;

General Population/NMCOG, Beverly Woods;

Visitors/CVB, Fred Hunter;

Youth/UTEC, Greg Croteau;


Also present:

Sue Andrews, LNHP

Joe Cutrufo, COOL

Connie Martin, CTI Farmers’ Market

Sayon Suon, S.E. Asian Water Festival

Molyka Tieng, S.E. Asian Water Festival



The meeting opened at 8:35 AM.





At the suggestion of George Villaras, today’s stakeholders’ meeting centered around the theme “Lowell’s Summer of Fun”.  Representatives from COOL, the National Park Service, CTI’s Farmers’ Market, and the Southeast Asian Water Festival talked about upcoming summer events. 


LZ Nunn from COOL gave an overview of that organization’s activities.  Affiliated with the city’s Office of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (CASE), COOL has taken the “Destination World” events series which drew attention to Lowell’s cultural diversity and developed it into “Discover Lowell”, a series of cultural events taking place throughout the year.  COOL’s summer events under Discover Lowell include “Riverfest: Art Goes Green” June 12th, the “Southeast Asian Water Festival” August 21st, and “Buy Art” during Open Studios in September.  COOL works with the DLBC and the Chamber and partners with Art Walk and helps promote downtown sidewalk sales.  Its mission is to help increase the capacity of events, helping with logistics of local festivals among other things.


Sue Andrews from the Lowell National Historical Park passed out copies of the “Lowell Offering”, which lists the many events the Park runs and collaborates on throughout the year.  The Summer Music Series which runs from June 25th until September 11th is attracting an unprecedented number of well-known artists this year.  Specific questions can be referred to Peter Aucella.  The Lowell Folk Festival is taking place July 23rd until the 25th and this year will feature 22 groups performing on 6 stages.  Any downtown Lowell business can apply for a permit to sell in front of their store.  Chris Samaras said a business guide and application has gone out to all downtown businesses.


Connie Martin coordinates the CTI Farmers’ Market which takes place every Friday from 2pm to 6pm from July 9th until the third week in October.  The Farmers’ Market is currently in its 29th year and features produce of 6 to 10 local farmers.  CTI works in conjunction with the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project in selecting farmers to sell their produce.  The Farmers’ Market focuses on supporting local agriculture and encouraging the consumption of fresh, healthy foods.   To that end coupons are available at WIC and Lowell’s Senior Center.  Music, cooking demonstrations, arts and crafts are all part of the market.  This year’s Farmers’ Market will make an effort to reach out to the foodie community.  Unfortunately the market is limited to taking place on Fridays only due to the schedules of the vendors.


Sayon Suon and Molyka Tieng of the Southeast Asian Water Festival have planned some important changes for this summer’s festival taking place August 20th and 21st.  There will be kayaking for children and boat tours for adults.  Booths along the esplanade will be only on one side so as not to block the view of the river and ease congestion.  The festival is looking for new partners for the event and is also looking for new boat teams.  UMass Lowell may become more involved.  The candle floating ceremony taking place the evening of the 20th typically attracts between 300 to 400 people.  George Villaras suggested tying the Friday evening event into something such as a candle light dining night at downtown restaurants.





Reports from Reps


George Villaras informed the committee that downtown retail stores’ sidewalk sales would continue over the next four Saturdays.  George also reminded the committee about Lowell’s Art Walk which begins the last weekend in June and continues until the end of the Lowell Folk Festival.  George spoke about the meeting between downtown stakeholders and the downtown retail group.  The retail group wants to establish a consolidated calendar on a website where all events are posted in advance.



Minutes of May 25, 2010

On a motion by George Villaras, seconded by Marshall Field, it was voted: to accept the minutes of May 25, 2010.


Treasurer’s Report


Treasurer Jamie O’Hearn reported that the CCC has a balance of $660.85.  On a motion by Marshall Field, seconded by Janet Leggat, it was voted: to accept the Treasurer’s Report.


The next informal meeting of the CCC will be July 20th at the Coffee Mill.


Next Stakeholders’ Meeting

August 24, 2010

8:30 AM

MCC Morse Federal Building


The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 AM.